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“Bargaining with Brussels: Implications for Investors as Brexit Takes Shape

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017, 12:00 PM EDT

Luke Ellis, CEO, Man Group
Pierre Henri Flamand, CIO, Man GLG

As the clock continues to tick towards the UK’s deadline for leaving the EU in 2019, investors will be watching closely for clues about the long-term impact of Brexit. While Britain’s ‘Leave’ vote shocked the world last year, markets have largely held steady following their initially turbulent reaction. Luke Ellis, CEO of Man Group, and Pierre-Henri Flamand, CIO of Man GLG, will explore the prospects for the UK and Europe as they navigate an unprecedented and complex set of political negotiations, against the fading tide of populism on the Continent and a precarious UK Government following the General Election in June. As the UK’s new relationship with Europe begins to take shape, Luke and Pierre-Henri will give their views on the potential risks and opportunities facing investors.


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