CIEBA Testifies at DOL Hearing on Improving Investment Advice

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Dennis Simmons, Executive Director of CIEBA, and Robin Diamonte, CIO for Raytheon Technologies Corporation, testified at a September 3, 2020 DOL Public Hearing in support of heightened standards for rollover providers. In her testimony, Ms. Diamonte stated that “it is critically important that those making recommendations to participants be held to the same fiduciary standard that I am, and they should be required to clearly state that they are acting in a fiduciary capacity.”

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Questions regarding CIEBA’s testimony can be directed to Gigi Combe, CIEBA Associate Executive Director at [email protected], or Dennis Simmons, CIEBA Executive Director at [email protected].

Below is an excerpt to a recent Pensions & Investments article reporting on the hearing and CIEBA’s testimony (because of copyright restrictions, we are only able to provide an excerpt).

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