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Amicus Brief asking the Supreme Court to review a case dealing with the standards for a valid ERISA claim
CIEBA Executive Director, Dennis Simmons, in Ignites on Supreme Court Ruling on Recordkeeper Disclosure
CIEBA in P&I: DOL removes potential requirement for plans to renegotiate QPAM agreements
CIEBA Testifies During DOL Hearing on Proposed Amendments to QPAM Exemption 
CIEBA Testifies for Greater ERISA Investment Transaction Flexibility 
PGIM Interview with CIEBA Executive Director, Dennis Simmons
CIEBA Comments on Procedures Governing the Filing and Processing of PTE Applications 
04/2022 CIEBA Expresses Concerns on Guidance on Cryptocurrency in 401(k) Plans 
CIEBA Voices Concerns to Congress on Recent Bill’s Impact on Pensions 
08/2021 CIEBA Executive Director Dennis Simmons in "The State of Retirement: Shaping the Future."
08/2021  CIEBA testifies at ERISA Advisory Council hearing on 401(k) Brokerage Windows 
03/2021 Media Coverage - "CIEBA in the News": CIEBA Public Policy Task Force helps secure funding stabilization
CIO Magazine Article: CIEBA Selects New Chair and Increases Membership Despite COVID-19
CIEBA Board Elects New Chairman and Leadership for 2021 and 2022
CIEBA Testifies at DOL Hearing on Improving Investment Advice
CIEBA Issues Press Release on Alternatives In Defined Contribution Plans
CIEBA Helps Coordinate Efforts for Pension Funding Stabilization
CIEBA Executive Director Comments on Alternatives in Defined Contribution Plans
11/2018 CIEBA Board Elects New Chairman and Leadership for 2019 and 2020
08/2018 The Associated Costs of DB Termination
06/2018 Responsibly Handling a DOL Investigation--A Primer for CIOs
03/2018 Reducing Personal Risk for CIOs
11/2017 SOS Coalition Responds to Tax Reform Bill
08/2017 Tax Reform Efforts Put Retirement Plans at Risk
08/2017 Plan Sponsors See Struggles if Moving to Roth-Only Retirement Savings
08/2017 Survey Says Large Plans Nervous About Roth Mandate
05/2017 CIEBA Appoints New Executive Director, Dennis Simmons
04/2017 SOS Coalition Submits Letter to Senate Banking Committee on Retirement Security
04/2017 New Coalition to Protect Americans' Retirement Savings Launches